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With over 13 years experience serving South Florida, we supply a variety of glass and mirror applications, including doors and windows, storefronts, glass partitions, and more.

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Our Services

Doors & Windows

We offer impact and non-impact residential and commercial doors and windows, from renowned manufacturers, with all the features you've come to expect, like noise reduction, forced entry resistance, UV protection, and more.


We offer both impact and non-impact storefront systems that are versatile, cost efficient, let in light and showcase your products like nothing else.

Glass Partitions

Divide your living space, an office space, or a commercial bathroom. Our glass partition solutions offers a modern and practical way to separate spaces for both privacy and looks.

Custom Glass

Shelves, tabletops, mirror, curved glass, and more. You can count on our capabilities to supply any type of glass, in any quantity, for any project. Our team can also provide professional installation should you need it.

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About us

Founded in 2005, our team carries over a decade's experience serving in South Florida. We've applied our services for hundreds of residential and commercial projects – from impact doors and windows, to storefronts, curtain walls, and more. We offer you our glass and glazing expertise and welcome projects of all scopes.

We're certain you'll be thrilled by our team, dedicated to providing exemplary, professional service that meets your needs and exceeds expectations. We offer free consultations and estimates, so you can see who you'll be working with and the extent of our capabilities.

Why Choose Argen Glass?

Licensed & Insured

We're a state licensed glass and glazing contractor, capable of performing any scope project, in any location.

Unparraleled Experience

With over 13 years in business and decades of combined experience, our team can provide the knowledge and expertise to realize any project.

Unbeatable Value

Our smart sourcing and lean team results in competitive rates and superior quality products.

Tiered Approach

We offer different tier products with time-tested quality, so you can choose the right product for your budget.

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